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EOD U16+ Qual/Champs, Jul 27-28

EOD Championships and Qualifiers for U16+, Masters, Para and Special Olympics, July 27-28, Mooney's Bay

Please volunteer to officiate or help at this event. All opportunities are posted in Ivolunteer.

This is an EOD-sponsored event. This event will be used to qualify crews for the Ontario and National Championships for U16+. 

Note that on Aug 10-11 is a separate event for U13, U14, and U15 qualifying for the Ontario Championships. 

Ontario Championships Qualifying Process
The top 10 U16 and U17 will qualify to compete at the Ontario Championships taking place on August 17-18 on Mooney's Bay in Ottawa. Entries will be submitted by the division following the coaches meeting at the end of the event. Open Para, Masters and Special O are direct entries and must be submitted to CKO Sprint directly. A file will be attached below with details.

National Championships Qualifying Process
The top 4 crews in all U16+ events (top 5 for 6000m) will qualify for the National Championships taking place August 27-31 in Regina, SK. Entries for Nationals will be confirmed at the coaches meeting following the EOD Qualifiers at RCC.

Bye Policy
Please see the EOD Bye Policy for those clubs requesting a bye. You must submit your bye request along with your entries to the event. Your request will then be brought to the EOD Bye Committee for review.

In order to save time, any event with only 1 crew entry will NOT be raced at EOD Qualifiers. There will be no Senior or Open events at EOD Qualifiers, so these entries will be entered directly into PadTrac. Please send Diana your Senior and Open entries by the <date TBD> deadline as well.

Please ensure that you submit your entries on time. Any late submissions will need to be submitted at the coaches' meeting.