There are two categories of paddlers:

  1. Competitive paddler (racers): All athletes who are members of an EOD club who are entered to compete in a sprint regatta - and must be registered in PadTrac or the CKC Member Registration System.
  2. Non-competitive paddlers (non-racers): All paddlers participating in programs (but not entered to compete in a sprint regatta).

Paddlers in EOD are required to pay fees to cover a variety of expenses. These fees differ if you are a competitive or non-competitive paddler. In addition to paying your club for membership and programming, fees also go to EOD, CKO Sprint and CKC for events, insurance, materials and support at all levels.

The annual EOD membership fee is $35/competitive paddler. The fee covers costs of EOD ($30) as well as ongoing maintenance of the Rideau race course, installed in 2015 ($5). The fee includes participation in one of the EOD Qualifier/Championship regattas.

The document posted below explains CKO Sprint fees.

NOTE: Clubs are required to report on their number of competitive and non-competitive paddlers. All of these participants must be entered in PadTrac or the CKC Member Registration System. This ensures insurance coverage and is critical for securing provincial funding which is awarded to our sport based on the number of participants.
Heather MacIntosh,
Oct 1, 2019, 6:39 PM