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PICC Fun U10-12 Regatta, Aug 24

Saturday, August 24, Petrie Island Canoe Club

The results are posted in the file below. 

The format of EOD U11 fun regatta was decided by EOD coaches, and respects the conclusions drawn at the Ontario coaches' AGM, to offer age-appropriate races that focus on fun and test skills that will enable young athletes to enjoy the sport and become well-rounded athletes. 

Races will run on a 200m beach-side course, and a 500m out & back course with a three-point turn. The triathlon will include a 1000m run, a 150m swim and a 500m paddle. All heats will be timed finals. U10-12 Regatta medals will be awarded as well as trophies.

There will be a $5 per participant registration fee. 

Lunches will be catered from Subway. The cost will be $5 for the small or $8 for the large. The small lunch includes a 4' sandwich, juice box, cookie, and fruit. The large inludes two 4' sandwiches, juice box, cookie, and fruit. Please fill out the invoice sheet with the total number of participants, with the number of lunches required beside each, and provide a cheque payable to "Petrie Island Canoe Club" to the Volunteer Tent on Saturday morning.

Athletes are encouraged to bring their own snacks and water bottles.

Athletes are asked to check-in at the info tent upon arrival, where they will be assigned a race #.  Check-in will be available from 7:30 until 8:15am. Lunch tickets for pre-ordered lunches will be distributed to athletes and coaches at check-in. Water bottle refills will be available.  

All coaches are expected to help run the regatta.  Thank You!

Entries & Race Card
Club entries are due Tuesday, August 20th by 11:00 pm. A draft race card will be sent back to clubs Thursday morning, August 22nd.  Clubs must submit any needed changes on Thursday, August 22nd by 11pm.  A final race card will be sent to clubs on Friday. Coaches/Officials meeting will take place at 7:30 am on the morning of the regatta at the green container.

8:30am - Event #1 begins 

K1/C1 200m:  Six paddlers in each heat for the block starts, 200m K1 races.  Two heats run at the same time, 1 minute apart.  Starts run once a minute continuously for 15 minutes.  One horn blast to end heat #1, two horn blast to end heat #2.  Once the paddler passes the finish line, he/she loops back around behind the start line again, and waits for the next start.  SUPs and safety boats line the kids up. Points for: number of races completed, best overall time, and best average time. This event challenges the athlete's boat skills, speed, and endurance.  Medals for first, second, and third (overall points). 

K2/C2 500m: Six mixed crews in each heat, three 60° turns, start and finish in the same spot.  Next heat gets ready in the adjacent race prep area.  Two heats line up in the chute outside race prep area.  One volunteer at each station directing traffic.  Quick changes between heats.  Kids racing both C2 and K2 will be in the first and last heats.  Medals for first, second, and third.  This race requires boat-handling skills, and uses elements of a long distance race, but over an age-appropriate distance.  

C4 3 X 200m Mash-up: Six boats in each heat, following relay course.  Three races per kid.  First 200m race with your own team.  Kids come straight to shore, the kids' positions are marked, crews are switched around, they race another 200m with a fresh crew, and repeat.  Six coaches prepare next heat's kids at either end of course.  Kids' points added up by team after 3 races. The team with the most points wins. A trophy will be given for the best team.  This race demands adaptability, and rewards teams who race well with others.  

12:30pm - 1:30pm LUNCH BREAK & Half-Time Show

Half-Time Show
One coach representative from each club is invited to participate in the following competitive events:
Look Ma, No Paddle! (200m mini K1 race, no paddle)
My Name is Jell-O Face (60-second hands-free Jell-O eating contest)
Tips & Tricks (balance drill contest)

Triathlon: Race begins with a 1000m run (map included).  Seven spotters will be along the trail, directing traffic.  A coach/official will mark the kids' arrival at the farthest turn point.  Everyone must swim with a lifejacket!  Paddlers may leave lifejackets by the finish line/swim start. Boats are left (paddles in) on shore at the end of the 150m swim.  Coaches help paddlers into their boats. Please be considerate of other paddlers!  There is one left-to-right turn. Paddlers finish when they put a foot down on the sand between the finish buoys and exit the boat.  Five minutes between heats.  If possible, we suggest that coaches group kids who can use the same settings/paddles, and spread them out, one to each heat.  Four heats. Medals for first, second, and third place, and a trophy for the overall winner.  The triathlon is an excellent test of overall athletic ability.

3:00- 3:30pm   AWARDS CEREMONY

Boats available on-site
14 mini K1s
2 stable, large-volume K1s 
4 mini C1s  
1 mini K2
1 stable, large-volume K2
4 pleasure canoes
2 C4s

* Please let us know if you are able to bring additional mini K1s/C1s, or K2s/C2s.  

Questions or contact: sarahkennedy2357(at)gmail(dot)com.
EOD Administrator,
Aug 25, 2019, 6:18 PM