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About Regattas

A regatta is a competition among clubs comprising of a number of different races based on gender, age and the number of competitors in each 

boat. Most of the clubs within the EOD host a regatta each summer. The Eastern Ontario Divisional Championships serves as a catalyst in terms 

of qualifying for further competitions in the latter stages of the paddling season.

The competitive paddlers are involved in regattas held on most Saturdays, sometimes on Saturdays and Sundays, culminating with the National 

Championships in late August.  Races are 200m, 500m, and 1000m in length.  They are organized by age groups, with men competing against 

men and women competing against women, with some mixed events, in kayaks or canoes, in K1s, K2s, K4s, C1s, C2s, C4s and war canoes

(C15s).  Age groups are determined by the competitor’s age by January 1st of each year.

Younger racers may compete at higher age groups after discussing their events with their coach. Age class of team boats is based on the age of

the oldest athlete in the boat.

What to Take to a Regatta

Regulation wear for regattas consists of your club racing singlet (which must be purchased from your club).  Everyone is required to have one.
Most regattas will offer a BBQ and a snack bar (for fundraising) where you can buy a lunch.  Nonetheless, these are usually geared towards the 

spectators.  Athletes should pack food that is quick to eat, easily digested and healthy (e.g. fruit, granola bars, bagels and lots of water or 

Gatorade).  We do not encourage drinking pop or eating junk food as these do not help on-water performance.

Checklist of things to bring
• Approved racing singlet

• A life jacket

• Sharpie or pen to write down your race event details
• Healthy food and drinks (including lots of water!)
• Sunglasses, sunscreen and hat
• Shoes/sandals and extra dry clothes
• Towel
• Lawn chairs, blanket, binoculars, cameras (for parents)
• Rain gear
• Plastic sheet for the ground

Types of Regattas
Inter-Club Regattas

Paddlers compete locally against other clubs in the division at regional inter-club regattas held on most Saturdays during the month of July. 
Clubs attending these regattas compete for points to determine the winner of that particular regatta, but there is not ongoing accumulation of club

standings or performance requirements to qualify for subsequent competitions.

EOD Qualifying Trials
EOD qualifying trials serve as qualifying races for Provincial and National Championship regattas.

Ontario Championships
The first four winning boats in a final race at the EOD trials (U13-Juniors) will compete at the Ontario Championships. This regatta is held at a 

venue in Ontario and alternates between Mooney's Bay in Ottawa (EOD) or Welland (WOD).

National Championships
The first four winning boats in a final race at the EOD trials (U16 to Junior) will compete at the National Championships. Clubs attend from all over

the country. In the past the Nationals have been held in Whistler, B.C.; Regina, SK; Ottawa, and Welland, ON; Lac Beauport, Montreal and
Sherbrooke, Quebec; and 
Dartmouth, N.S. There are no U13-15 events at the Nationals; but a U15 age paddler may race “up” in an older
category and qualify to race in that 
category, i.e. U16 war canoe crew would often include a few U15 age paddlers.

CanMas Championships
Masters (ages 25+) can compete at the Canadian Masters Championships held immediately after the National Championships.  Clubs attend from 

all over the country. Singles and team boats compete in a day long regatta. 

Ontario Team and National Team Trials
High Performance athletes will attend team trials that will earn them points that in turn may put them on the Ontario and National Teams.
Regatta Transportation
This will depend on the operations of each club. It would be much appreciated if parents driving to a regatta could arrange, if possible, to transport

other competitors who may need a ride.  Maps to the regatta site will be made available.

Parents Participation
Parents are encouraged to get involved and support the athletes!  Come and cheer on the competitors. Even better, become a volunteer. Many 

volunteers are needed to run a safe and fair regatta - and we can't always depend on the same people all summer long. Please see the 

volunteer page for more info.  

Wherever possible, parents are expected to attend out of town regattas to supervise their paddler(s) and to volunteer if required. Where this is not

possible, prior arrangement must be made so that a guardian is appointed and held responsible for a paddler and the coach(s) is informed of the 

arrangements. Families are encourage to join their club contingent at as many regattas as possible.  The events and locales make for an enjoyable

family vacation or a day’s outing and paddlers need all the supporters possible to cheer them on. 

Competition expenses such as travel, accommodation etc. are the sole responsibility of each participating athlete and/or their family. Consult with 

your coach for details on each regatta.