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Canadian Masters Championships, Sunday, September 2, 2018, Sherbrooke, Quebec


Masters can compete at the Canadian Masters Championships held immediately after the National Championships. 

The race format is 200m for all races except warcanoe.

The following information has been published on the Canoe Kayak Canada website:

CanMas Order of Events and 2018 CanMas Rules: http://canoekayak.ca/canmas-race-card-and-rules/

For further information visit: http://sprintnationals.canoekayak.ca/

Key Dates
  • August 14 - CanMas entry deadline on PadTrac
  • August 26 – Draw to be published

CanMas Technical Information Page

All of the key information for registration/entries, events and awards is posted on the CanMas section of the CKC event page.

Entry Process - for coaches only

CanMas Entries are open on PadTrac and will close on August 14 at 4 pm Eastern.

For direction on using PadTrac, please consult the Pad Trac 101 document here.

For further assistance with PadTrac please contact your Club Registrar, or Ian Mortimer at imortimer(at)canoekayak(dot)ca

PadTrac: https://www.ckcpadtrac.ca/forms/frmWelcome.aspx

Along with entries submitted on PadTrac, two types of entries require a form to be submitted, Women entered in Men’s Crews and War Canoe Crews. For these cases please use the entry form linked below to provide the names of women to replace the “I Need” placeholder, and to submit war canoe lists. Note PadTrac will only allow the Cox’s name to be inputted in the system.

Entry Form (will download automatically): http://canoekayak.ca/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/CanMas-Entries-Forms-2018.xlsx


All participants must sign a CKC Waiver: http://canoekayak.ca/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/CKC-RELEASE-OF-LIABILITY-WAIVER-OF-CLAIMS-AND-INDEMNITY-AGREEMENT.pdf

Please sign and scan this waiver, or sign and take a photograph and sent it to Jessica Price (jprice@canoekayak.ca). Please include CANMAS WAIVER in the email subject line. You can alternately bring the physical waiver to Sherbrooke.

A reckoning of the entries and waivers submitted will be made and any participants not signing will not be able to compete.

CANMAS Draw Posting

The CanMas Draw will be posted on or before August 26. There were some events missing from the original race card posted on July 1st. These events will be added based on the entries received. After the draw is posted coaches will be able to review their entries and bring forward situations where a clear mistake has been made and we will work together to rectify this where overall fairness is not compromised. Post entries will not be granted.

Entry Fee Invoicing

Thank you for all the hard work and diligence in submitting your clubs CanMas entries.  Entry Fees will be sent to each club on August 21st and payment will be due before the start of racing on Sunday, September 2nd.

Please note, the updated CanMas Rules posted online failed to include a War Canoe Fee. The fee of $75.00 per crew that has been used for the last number of years will be applied.

Russ Dunn Costume Salute

In honour of CanMas founder Russ Dunn, at lunch break during CanMas the Russ Dunn Doubles Costume Salute will be run (K-2 or C-2, same sex or mixed).

Sharpen your axes and get out your plaid, the theme for the 2018 Russ Dunn Costume Salute is Lumberjacks. Sport your best rugged woodsperson outfit and Salute the founder of this great event.

The Doubles Costume Salute will be worth a bonus 10 points to the club deemed to have the best costumed crew from a panel of 3 judges.

CanMas Awards

The nomination form for this year’s CanMas Awards is online here: AWARDS ONLINE FORM

Please submit your application by August 27th.

Master’s Meet and Greet

The Master’s Meet and Greet will be hosted at the beer garden at the course from 2 – 7 pm on Saturday, September 1. A complimentary drink and light food will be served. Come enjoy the end of “CCA Saturday” and get geared up for the big CanMas day ahead.

For planning purposes, please RSVP to this event at the event page here (there is no cost for this event):  

CanMas Banquet

The CanMas banquet including a full meal, local craft beer and awards under the big tent in Parc Jacques Cartier at the course will begin at 6pm after the racing in completed.

The theme for the party is lumberjack, get your best rugged outdoorsperson outfit and raise a mug to the great season and hard fought races.

Please contact Sylvie Gendron with questions about the Banquet: sylvie.gendron@acceo.com

Tickets for the CanMas Banquet are available here: