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Club Safety Officer

Every club must have a Club Safety Officer. Below are the Club Safety Officer's responsibilities, which reference the CKC Code of Safety.

The Club Safety Officer:
  1. will be responsible for ensuring that the Club adheres to this Code of Safety as well as any other safety measures which may apply.
  2. will ensure that the Club has sufficient safety equipment and that all safety equipment is in good working order.
  3. will, in collaboration with the Head Coach, conduct an annual club safety audit to ensure that all required safety equipment is sufficient and satisfactory for compliance with this Code of Safety and the Office of Boating Safety standards;
  4. is responsible for the continuous updating and maintenance of the Club’s Emergency Action Plan, including key contact information and response procedures;
  5. (or their designate) will be present at all regattas hosted by their Club to ensure that safety measures are in place in accordance with Section 2.1.1.
If the Club Safety Officer considers an activity to be unsafe to continue, they will immediately approach and consult with those who are also responsible for the safety of participants (Officials, coaches, staff organizers) in order to determine the best course of action.