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PICC U11 Regatta

PICC U11 Regatta, Saturday, August 25, Petrie Island Canoe Club

Please volunteer to help at this event. All opportunities are posted in Ivolunteer.

Please send any questions to sarahkennedy2357(at)gmail(dot)com.

Event Goal
Have fun while learning a wide variety of skills that will help produce happy, well-rounded athletes!

Like all other regattas, kids will sign up with their club, and coaches will register their participants according to instructions in the information package (to be distributed). Registration fee will be $5. When you register, you will also have the opportunity to pre-order lunches (see details below). Note that lunch orders must be submitted with registrations. 

Event Schedule (see details under Races section below)
7:30- 8:15 AM: Registration at registration tent.  Kids' numbers will be written on each arm, as there will be quick equipment switches and no boat numbers. 
8:00 AM: Short scratch meeting  
Changes to entries must be in by Friday at noon, as since there is no printer on the beach.
8:30 AM: Races begin
Event #1: C1/K1 200m, block starts
Event # 2: a 500m K2/C2 with two 120° turns 
Event # 3: a pleasure canoe/C4 event.   
Lunch break (see lunch ordering info below)
Event #4 is the triathlon, which is the only event after lunch (1000m run, 150m swim, 500m paddle)
3:00-3:30 AM: Awards Ceremony 
Medals for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd
Trophies for the C4 event and for the triathlon

  • Everyone wears club colours, mixed-club races are okay (but please tell the tower who it is).
  • Each club needs at least one coach posted to the beach area.  Coaches posted to the beach are expected to help everyone out - not just their own kids!  
Pre-ordered Lunches
  • The pre-ordered lunch is a 6" ham, turkey, or veggie Subway sandwich, two cookies, an apple and a drink. 
  • Families collect their lunch tickets under the participant's name at the check-in tent, first thing upon arrival.
  • Lunches are $6 and must be pre-ordered at the time of registration.
  • Note that PICC is not permitted to sell food on the island on the day of the event, so can only provide lunches that have been pre-ordered at the time of registration. 
The designation "mixed" means that kids can enter male only, female only, or mixed male/female. They're athletically equivalent at this age.

The format of EOD U11 Championship regatta was decided by EOD coaches, and respects the conclusions drawn at the Ontario coaches' AGM, to offer age-appropriate races that focus on fun and test skills that will enable young athletes to enjoy the sport and become well-rounded athletes. 
  • K1/C1 200m:  Six kids in each heat for the block starts, 200m K1 races.  Races run continuously for 30 minutes.   SUPs and safety boats line the kids up. This event challenges the athlete's boat skills, speed, and endurance. 
  • C2/K2 500m: Six mixed crews in each heat, two 120° turns, start and finish in the same spot.  Next heat gets ready in race prep area.  Two heats line up outside race prep area.  One volunteer at each station directing traffic.  Quick changes between heats. This race uses elements of a long distance race, but over an age-appropriate distance.  
  • C4 3 X 200m Mash-up: Six boats in each heat, following relay course.  Three races per kid.  First 100m race with your own team.  Kids come straight to shore, the kids' positions are marked, crews are switched around (two out per crew), they race another 200m, and repeat.  Volunteers prepare next heat's kids at either end of course.  Kids' points added up by team after 3 races. The team with the most points wins. This race demands adaptability, and rewards teams who race well with others.  
  • Triathlon: Race begins with a 1000m run.  Spotters will be along the trail, directing traffic.  A coach/official will mark the kids' arrival at the turn point.  Everyone must swim with a lifejacket!  Paddlers may leave lifejackets by the start of the 150m swim start. Boats are left (paddles in) on shore at the end of the 150m swim.  Coaches may help children into their boats. Please be considerate of other paddlers!  There is one left-to-right turn (it's safer). Paddlers finish when they put a foot down on sand from a seated position in their boat.  Second heat of triathlon begins when all kids from the first heat have begun the paddle.  If possible, we suggest that coaches group kids who can use the same settings/paddles, and spread them out, one to each heat.  Number of heats depends heavily on number of K1/C1s available. The triathlon is an excellent test of overall athletic ability.
Boats available on-site
  • 11 mini K1s
  • 1 stable, large-volume K1 
  • 2 mini C1s  
  • 1 mini K2
  • 1 stable, large-volume K2
  • 5 pleasure canoes
After the Regatta
There's a fiddle fest at the Shenkman Centre afterwards, if anyone's interested!