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CKO & CKO-Sprint NeedsYou

posted Nov 11, 2018, 2:25 PM by Heather MacIntosh   [ updated Jan 10, 2019, 7:02 PM ]
Canoe Kayak Ontario (CKO) and CKO-Sprint are the two organizations that run sprint canoe and kayak in Ontario. They play a vital role in our sport, which will not receive funding and support without them. Eastern Ontario Division needs two-four people on each board. Specifically, on the CKO-Sprint board, EOD needs three reps in addition to the EOD Flag Officer. The northern rep is chosen by the northern clubs. On the CKO board, four nominees are required from the sprint discipline from both EOD and WOD.

Nominations are open for these positions. Below is a description of each. Please consider contributing a bit of your time and experience to supporting programs and athletes in Ontario. 

Contact Joanne Bryant, President of CKO-Sprint and Past President of CKO, at joanne(dot)i(dot)bryant(at)gmail.com and Heather MacIntosh, the Flag Officer for EOD, at heathermacintosh100(at)gmail(dot)com.

CKO-Sprint Board of Directors

CKO-Sprint, formed in 1985, is one of three affiliate organizations associated with Canoe Kayak Ontario (Whitewater and Marathon are the others).  Representing the sport of Olympic Sprint Canoe Kayak racing, the main function of CKO-Sprint is to implement, manage and monitor programs and activities that are provincial in scope.  The primary responsibility of the CKO-Sprint is athlete development.

The board is comprised of nine members. In addition to the Flag Officers of each of the Eastern Ontario and Western Ontario divisions there are three nominees from each division as well. There is also one nominee (from either division) who represents the clubs in Northern Ontario (Sudbury, Parry Sound, North Bay, etc.).

CKO-Sprint contributes to the advancement of the sport of canoe/kayak through the management of or participation in the following programs:

  • Ontario Team Trials
  • Ontario Championships
  • Spring Training Camp (Florida)
  • Fall and Winter Training Camps
  • Ontario High Performance Sport Initiative (OHPSI)
  • Ontario Quest for Gold Program
  • Coaching Education
  • Apprentice Coaching Program
  • Club Development
  • Ontario Team Tours
  • Ontario Summer Games
  • Canada Summer Games
  • Official Development
  • CKC’s NextGen Program
  • Selection of Ontario Team Members

Board members ensure that all Ontario clubs are fairly represented in the above programs and work with and guide the Ontario Technical Director, our one full-time employee, in the fulfillment of these programs.

 president or chair, secretary and treasurer are selected from the board of directors. One board member also serves as the chair of the High Performance Committee, a sub committee of the board that assists in the creation of criteria for the selection of the Ontario Teams.

Meetings are usually held once a month or on an ad hoc basis when necessary. Meetings are held via teleconference.

CKO Board of Directors

Canoe Kayak Ontario (CKO) is the officially recognized provincial sport organization (PSO) that is the collective voice for canoeing in Ontario and which promotes the interests and supports the activities of its three (3) disciplines:

  • Ontario Canoe Sprint Racing Affiliation (OCSRA)
  • Ontario Marathon Canoe Kayak Racing Association (OMCKRA)
  • Whitewater Ontario (WO).
Each of the three disciplines has a minimum of three/maximum of four members on the board.

The Government of Ontario, which is an important source of funding for sport organizations, deals only with PSO’s for grants and other partnerships. Working with the Executive Director of CKO, the Board develops operational plans and priorities for the three disciplines and provides the necessary input for various grant applications.

The Board is also responsible for developing and disseminating the policies (safety, code of conduct, privacy etc.) that are mandated by the Government of Ontario for sports in Ontario.

CKO also offers a comprehensive liability and sport accident insurance package to its members while they are participating in sanctioned activities or conducting business on behalf of their members. The Board works with the insurance broker to ensure coverage is adequate and affordable.

CKO is a member of Canoe Kayak Canada (CKC) and is recognized by CKC as the governing body for the sport in Ontario.

A president or chair, secretary, treasurer and affiliate vice-presidents are selected from the board of directors.

Meetings are usually held once a month or on an ad hoc basis when necessary. Meetings are held via teleconference.

CKO-Sprint website (new in 2019!)

CKO website