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We Need You on the EOD Board!

posted Sep 27, 2020, 10:40 AM by Heather MacIntosh   [ updated Oct 16, 2020, 6:01 PM ]

The Eastern Ontario Division (EOD) of Canoe Kayak Canada (CKC) is looking for leaders to help guide the development of sprint canoe-kayak in our region and manage divisional activities. The EOD Board of Directors has three openings for the 2021 season. This is an opportunity to learn more about sprint canoe kayak, help guide our sport and provide leadership at the Divisional level, and, of course, meet and work with a terrific team of like-minded people. Three EOD Board positions will become open in October 2020.

About EOD

EOD is comprised of ten sprint and paddling clubs from Cobourg and Peterborough in the west to Petrie Island in the east. EOD’s mission is to provide leadership and support to build strong paddle sport clubs dedicated to:

  • Promoting paddle sport as fun and lifelong activity for all ages and abilities 
  • Producing sprint development opportunities for athletes, coaches and officials
  • Managing sprint regattas to ensure safety and fairness for all participants
  • Achieving success at all levels of competition

Learn more about EOD here: www.ckceod.com.

The Board

The EOD Board is guided by the EOD’s Constitution and Bylaws, and creates and implements its own initiatives, as well as implementing those required by CKC (nationally) and CKO Sprint (provincially). The Board’s role includes setting the Division’s regatta schedule and providing training for coaches and officials.

The Board is comprised of the commodores and a director from each of the ten clubs plus five officers: Flag, Vice Flag, Secretary, Registrar and Past Flag, and appointed positions: Divisional Officials Coordinator, Divisional Coach, Divisional Athletes’ Representative, and Divisional representatives at the provincial level.

Given EOD’s broad region, all EOD Board and committee meetings are held virtually (and have been for many years).

Board Member Candidates

The ideal Board candidate is associated with sprint canoe-kayak in some way, either as a parent or guardian of a paddler, or as a current or former paddler, official, coach or club administrator. Detailed knowledge about the sport is not required as you will learn as you go. The Board is very supportive of new members!

Below are descriptions of the three open positions.

Vice Flag Officer

The Vice Flag Officer is responsible for supporting the Flag Officer in their duties. Related duties include administration of the division volunteer policy, ensuring adherence to CKC safe sport policy as it pertains to volunteers, and maintenance of divisional trophies and procurement of divisional awards. Time commitment is generally 5-10 hours/month and 15-20 hours/month in July and August related to the two EOD sponsored regattas.


The Treasurer manages the division’s finances, keeps accounts of funds, and is a signing officer for the Division. Time commitment (other than attending the monthly meeting) is about 20 hours per year.


The Secretary takes minutes at the monthly meetings, advises members of meetings and attends to the division's correspondence. Time commitment is about two-three hours per month plus attending the monthly meeting.

A Note about Nationals

The Canadian National Championships will be held at the Rideau Canoe Club on Mooney’s Bay in Ottawa in August 2021. It is an honour to host this competition in our Division. Note that an amazing Host Organizing Committee has already been working on this event with CKC for about two years. As an EOD Board member, there is no expectation for you to get involved in organizing this event – although you are invited to do so!

Next Steps

To learn more or to apply, please contact Heather MacIntosh at heathermacintosh100(at)gmail(dot)com. She’d be happy to connect you with other Board members.