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Pre-Regatta Process

EOD moved to standardized the regatta process in 2019 so that we can employ best practices in our organization and everyone knows what to expect. Below is the pre-regatta process.

*Host is host club or organization (e.g. CKO-Sprint for OCup events and CKC for Canada Cup).

For EOD events, the race card and draw will be prepared and distributed by the EOD Divisional Coach.

If you have any questions, contact the EOD Divisional Coach listed here.

Two weeks before event

Host* sends the entry form which lists all events to all clubs. Deadline is the Monday before the event.

Monday before event

Clubs submit their entries to the host. A club is to inform the host if their coach cannot participate in a Friday evening scratch meeting due to travel to the venue.

Wednesday before event

Host sends the draft race card to all clubs that registered and the scratch meeting details (date, time and link). 

Thursday evening before event

Host sends draft draw to all clubs that have registered. 

Friday evening before event

Scratch meeting is held via conference call. This will usually be done on the Friday evening before a Saturday event.  Host prints final race draw after scratch meeting.  If travel precludes a coach from participating, the coach should email changes to the host club and chief official by 3pm on Friday.

Saturday/Sunday morning one hour before event starts

If there are any last minute changes, the designated club coach reports them directly to the head official in the tower.