Canoe Kayak Canada Sprint Championships, August 28 - September 2, Sherbrooke, Quebec

Sprint National Championships Order of Events:

For further information visit the Nationals site here:

Results are at:

Club Representative Meeting

The Club Representative meeting will be held at the Venue in Parc Jacque Cartier on Monday, August 27 at 6:00pm.

Trailer Arrival Process

To help the team in Sherbrooke welcome you upon your, we ask that all clubs follow the link here to provide the estimated arrival time for your trailer:

Draw and Entry Issues

The draw for the 2018 Sprint Canoe Kayak Canadian Championships is now posted on the Nationals Website here:

The Draw is also available on the immediaC CKC app on iOS for iphone, Android and web application here:

Please note that the Para canoe Open events and Paddle All Touring K1 event are exhibition events and as such entries to these events will be accepted up to the Club Representatives Meeting.

The process for objections to an entry or a missing entry following Rule 5.09 (e) of the Sprint Racing Rule Book available here:

5.09 (e) -“Objections to any entry appearing in or missing from the Official Draw for the Canadian Sprint Canoe Kayak Championships shall be made to the Flag Officer. The Flag Officer shall present any and all objections received to the Director of Development, in writing, two days prior to the first day of the Championships.”**

**Note that in this situation email communication is acceptable as “in writing”.

Please contact Ian Mortimer if you have any questions about the process for objections or missing entries.


All participants must sign a CKC Waiver:

18 and Older:

17 and younger:

Please sign and scan this waiver, or sign and take a photograph and sent it to Jessica Price ( Please include CANMAS WAIVER in the email subject line. You can alternately bring the physical waiver to Sherbrooke.

A reckoning of the entries and waivers submitted will be made and any participants not signing will not be able to compete.

Trophy Return

All trophies must be returned to CKC by the end of the Club Representatives meeting on Monday, August 27. Plaques with the 2017 winners must be installed before dropping the trophy off at Pavilion Armand-Nadeau at the Venue.

Please consult this list of all the 2017 trophy winners by club to ensure your club has accounted for all trophies won last year: 2017 Trophy Winners By Club

Lunch Box Orders

Lunch Boxes are available for order for athletes, coaches and parents. Please follow this link to reserve your club’s lunches. Orders must be made 48 hours in advance:

Motorboat Drivers

Motorboat Driver volunteers are needed to fill spots on Friday, August 31st, Saturday, September 1st and Sunday September 2nd. If you have volunteers with proper accreditation to operate motorboats who could fill a half day shift, please contact Sylvie Giard

Club Change Form

To make scratches or substitutions (up to 50% of a given crew)  to your clubs entries please submit the club change form linked below to Jessica Price –  at or before the Club Representatives Meeting.

Club Change Form:

Official Spokesperson Form

Each member club must also appoint an official Spokesperson and an alternate to deal with the Competition Committee on any matter which may arise regarding the competition, during the Canadian Sprint Canoe Kayak Championships.

At the 2016 Annual Summit Rule Change Meeting the rule regarding club spokespeople was amended, it is available in the full rule book here: