Safe Sport

EOD is committed to fostering a safe and inclusive environment for our sport. Safe sport policies are in effect as of March 1, 2020.

Divisions and clubs within CKC have been mandated to implement Safe Sport policies in 2020/2021; information for clubs is below.

Safe Sport Resources

CKC’s Safe Sport hubpage 

Adoption of Safe Sport policies 

Adoption of Safe Sport policies Q&A 

Safe Sport manual 

CKO Sprint’s Safe Sport webpage 

Link to Online CKC Enhanced Police Information Check (EPIC) 

Contacts for Reporting a Complaint

Details about reporting complaints can be found here. It is highly recommended that you read that page before making a report. Contacts are listed here to be easy to find:

Independent Safe Sport Officers (W&W Dispute Resolution Services) email:

Independent Canadian Sport Helpline

Abuse free sport phone and texting line: 1-888-83-SPORT (8 am to 8 pm ET)


Implementing Safe Sport at EOD Clubs

This graphic shows a checklist for the adoption process, discussed below.

1.       CKC Annual membership: To be covered by the Safe Sport policies under CKC, clubs must be a member of CKC, and paddlers must be a member of a club.

2.       Member Safe Sport declaration signed: Club boards are asked to sign the declaration here 

3.       Required screening completed: All the resources related to screening are here:

a.       Screening policy 

b.       Screening matrix

c.     Link to Online CKC Enhanced Police Information Check (EPIC)

4.       Completed training and certification: Training requirements:

a.       CAC Safe Sport Training and/or Respect in Sport – Activity Leaders Training 

                                                               i.      Level 2 and 3 risk level: required

                                                             ii.      Level 1 risk level: recommended

b.       Coaches: Courses above plus Making EthicalDecisions certification

5.       Safe Sport pages on Club websites: CKC recommends that clubs develop a webpage dedicated to Safe Sport with information and links to the CKC Safe Sport hubpage