It takes more than 60 volunteers to run a two-day regatta! Please support our athletes and volunteer for an upcoming regatta.

Why Volunteer?

EOD is all about running safe and fair regattas. Almost everyone who makes this possible is a volunteer. This includes officials (on-water, on shore and in the tower), boat control, announcing, awards, safety boat spotting, boat drivers, results running, operating the kitchen and supplying food. Depending on the location of the regatta, there may also be parking control and garbage duty.

If you are on the water or at the finish line, you get a front row seat on the action! Parents of athletes can gain a better understanding of the sport by volunteering. Many roles are well-suited for high school students to gain their volunteer hours. We always need boat drivers, so it is beneficial to get your boat license; we'll give you training before the regatta begins.

Many roles can be learned on-the-job. These include:

Volunteers work in half day shifts (morning or afternoon). If you work two shifts, a fabulous lunch is provided! 

Click here for more information on becoming a Regatta Official

How do I volunteer? Use "Ivolunteer"!

Use Ivolunteer to sign up for a shift. EOD uses Ivolunteer to manage all our regattas. Each EOD event requiring volunteers is listed (or will be soon). For each event, the roles are listed showing all the shifts. The role most needed is generally listed first. Most details are provided next to each listing.

If you register in Ivolunteer, you can cancel up to five days before the event. This should give you more flexibility to volunteer early to get the dates and roles you want the most.

Click here to go to Ivolunteer

Volunteer Policy

If we do not have enough volunteers, regattas cannot proceed safely. If this is a chronic problem, the only way for our sport to continue is to hire people to do all the jobs, which is financially unsustainable. Since we have had troubles getting enough volunteers in the past, EOD has a implemented a volunteer policy which states that each club must meet specific volunteer levels. If not met, clubs are fined. Your club is relying on you to volunteer. Talk to your club's volunteer coordinator (every EOD club has a volunteer coordinator). Don't just sit on the sidelines - get involved!

The 2024 Club volunteer requirements can be found here

To Learn More

If you'd like to learn more about how regattas work and the different roles, check out the Officials page and sign up for a club or divisional clinic.


Contact the EOD Volunteer Coordinator or EOD Divisional Officials Coordinator listed on the EOD Board of Directors page.