Officials are vital to running regattas and we thank you for all you do!

This page describes officials accreditation. You don't need any qualifications to begin this training.


Officials Accreditation Program

The levels of accreditation are:

Level I: Club Clinic

Clubs may hold clinics to provide basic understanding of the rules of the sport.  Level I officials can officiate at Club competition, i.e., only members of one club participating.  Appointment to positions is by club organizers.

Level II: Divisional Clinic

A Division Officials Clinic for those wishing to learn more about the rules of the sport may be offered by the Divisional Officials Coordinator (DOC). Facilitator/instructor is the DOC or appointee.  Level II officials can officiate at Divisional regattas.  Appointment to positions is by DOC or Chief Official

Level III: Divisional / Provincial

A Divisional Officials Course is offered for those wishing to officiate at competitions within the division/province, i.e., interclub competition, trials, divisional/provincial championships, interdivisional competitions.

Testing, assessment and accreditation is conducted by the DOC.  Appointment to positions is by DOC or Chief Official.

Level IV: National

The DOC recommends a candidate Official to sit the examination for national accreditation. Written and oral examinations are conducted by the National Officials Committee, and if successful, a practical assessment is conducted by the DOC and a report submitted to NOC for consideration and accreditation.

Level IV Officials are able to officiate at National canoeing championships, i.e., Canada Summer Games, the Canadian National Sprint Racing Canoe Championships, or the Canadian National Sprint Racing Long Distance Championships.

Level V: International

The ICF has its own accreditation process and the CKC can only nominate officials who express a desire and meet prerequisites to become internationally accredited. Reference should be made to the ICF Rules of Racing and its Statutes.  Level V Officials are able to officiate at International competitions, i.e., the Olympic Games, World Championships and Pan American Games, are conducted under the International Canoe Federation (ICF) Rules.

In all cases, those who are interested in becoming certified should identify themselves to the DOC who will advise the appropriate procedure.